Current "All-Electric" Models

The SANDBONITM  Shaved Ice cart serves over 1,000 servings on a single battery charge.

  • Insulated cooler can hold up to 200 pounds of ice

  • 10 gallons of syrup bottles for flavoring. 

  • Built in cup dispenser (150 Cups)

  • Handwashing sink

  • POS Integration

The SANDBONITM Draft Beer/Beverage Cart allows you to bring that favorite draft beer and beverages to your customers.  

  • 36 degrees for 24 hours on single-battery charge

  • 1/2 Barrel Kegerator

  • Built in cup dispenser (150 Cups)

  • Handwashing Sink

  • POS Integration

The SANDBONITM Frozen Cocktail Cart allows you to serve frozen cocktails on the spot.  

  • Insulated cooler for 200 pounds of ice

  • 14 gallons of your frozen cocktail for serving 

  • A commercial blender

  • Built in cup dispenser (150 Cups)

  • Sink for rinsing blender

  • POS Integration